The Draft Commander 3000® Mobile Fire Pump Testing & Training Unit

Making drafting pits and other pump testing methods obsolete.

The Draft Commander 3000® Mobile Fire Pump Testing & Training Unit allows you to perform a true pump test from draft with clean water. Testing ensures that your engine and fire pump are performing with the correct horsepower and pumping the correct amount of GPM. With the Draft Commander, you can test your fire truck at your desired location at any time, offering simplicity, accuracy, and safety. The Draft Commander has proven itself by testing thousands of fire trucks at municipalities, government agencies, and industrial fire apparatus service agencies worldwide. This unit comes fully equipped to perform pump service tests up to 5,000 GPM as per NFPA-1911 and ISO Guidelines.



Draft Commander 3000® Trainer

for Training Fire Pump Engineers  & Firefighter

The Draft Commander 3000® Trainer for Fire Pump Engineer and Firefighter Training performs in the same manner as our Standard Draft Commander 3000®, but also gives you the capability to enhance your department’s training!  You have the ability to train Fire Pump Engineers to simulate pumping from a fire hydrant with incoming residual pressure with the Fire Hydrant Pump; conduct Firefighter hands-on training to simulate fighting an actual fire while Firefighters operate various types of handline and/or stationary nozzles that discharge the water back into the Draft Commander 3000® Receiver; perform fire pump service tests from draft with a fire apparatus that is equipped with fire pumps as per NFPA 1911-2017 Standards; test a variety of handline fire nozzles for GPM and PSI accuracy as per NFPA 1962-2013 Standards; and flow large stationary nozzles.

U.S. Patent No. 10,434,346 

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