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The Draft Commander 3000® Mobile Fire Pump Testing & Training Unit is a unique, environmentally friendly mobile fire testing and training unit that allows you to perform a true pump test from draft with clean clear water, creating a suction lift requiring the use of a primer as per NFPA 1911-2017 Edition, Section 21.7.7.

Testing ensures the engine and fire pump are performing with the correct horsepower and the fire pump is pumping the correct amount of GPM.  You have the means of testing your fire truck at your desired location, at any time, during various seasons of the year offering unmatched simplicity, accuracy, and safety.

The Draft Commander allows for Mobile Fire Service Pump Testing (per NFPA 1911 & ISO) at your location so your trucks are not out of service or having to be driven to a remote location which takes time, drivers, and fuel. Your apparatus stays ready for service and can be disconnected 
quickly in the event of an emergency.