Test your fire appliances and train firefighters and fire pump engineers while recycling water.

This unit operates in compliance with NFPA 1962: Standard for the Care, Use, Inspection, Service Testing, and Replacement of Fire Hose, Couplings, Nozzles, and Fire Hose Appliances
This device is designed to test handline fire nozzles from 30-500 GPM, fire hose couplings, fire appliancessuch as water thiefs, valves, fittings, hard suction hose, and fire hose; all according to NFPA 1962 standards. Other major features include the ability to perform training exercises for fire pump engineers & firefighters.

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Included Features:

Draft Commander® Nozzle Tester

The Draft Commander® Nozzle Testing Appliance is the most accurate way of testing the flow and pressure of a handline fire nozzle while conserving water. When using the appliance, your nozzles are recirculating water into the Draft Commander® and pumping back out of the nozzle through your fire pump. Designed to operate in accordance with NFPA 1962.


Draft Commander® Hard Suction Hose Vacuum Tester

Designed to test the vacuum retention and structural integrity of hard suction hose per NFPA 1962, the Draft Commander® Hard Suction Hose Vacuum Testing Unit is located at the rear of the Draft Commander Mobile Fire Appliance Testing & Training Unit and comes with several couplings for compatibility across different sizes of hard suction hose.


Draft Commander® Fire Hose & Appliance Tester

Designed to test fire hose and fire appliances such as valves and couplings per NFPA 1962. Testing fire hose and fire appliances per NFPA insures the safety of personnel operating equipment, providing a reasonable assurance that the equipment will perform as designed.