Hands-On Training for Firefighters & Fire Pump Engineers

Teach your department with hands-on exercises using the Draft Commander Training Kit; all while recirculating water, recycling millions of gallons in a short period of time.

Fire fighters training with the Draft Commander
Draft Commander on-site training
On-Site Training

Weis is proud to offer hands-on training and instruction on the Draft Commander for fire pump engineers and firefighters at your location. Complete training can be accomplished by using one fire engine that is drafting from the Draft Commander. Additionally, the Draft Commander is capable of simulating a fire hydrant for fire pump operation training, and can also create changes in pressure to replicate scenarios that are crucial to understanding the operation of a fire pump.


Draft Commander training kit
Training Kit

Train your fire pump engineers and firefighters with the Draft Commander Training Kit. The kit has everything needed to properly train your department, including training nozzles, gauges, adapters, and fire hoses.

If you would like more information on training, please contact us:
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