Our team builds highly customized fire trucks.

Weis is proud to offer a level of quality unparalleled by any other wildland fire apparatus manufacturer in the industry. Each apparatus features extruded aluminum fire bodies, welded stainless steel plumbing systems, and customized electrical systems.

  • Quick Attack

    Our series of brush trucks are the most diverse in the market — and are uniquely built according to your needs.

  • Stallion / Tanker

    With big payloads and high mobility, the Stallion series couples efficiency with power.

  • Light Rescue Apparatus

    Suitable for various functions, the Weis Light Rescue surpasses its role as a support vehicle.

  • Slide-In Units

    We build our slide-in units to any size and specification. Our newest model is the 75-gallon UTV Skid Unit.

  • Replacement Bumpers

    Provide the best front-end protection for your vehicle and monitor platform.

  • In-Stock Units

    Available for immediate delivery, these units include all the essential features of a Weis Fire apparatus.

  • Fire Truck Photo Gallery

    See Weis Fire apparatus in action — and submit your own photos.

  • Exclusive Kansas Toyne dealer

    Weis Fire & Safety has teamed up with Toyne to provide the highest quality equipment at competitive prices. If you're looking to furnish your department with a new apparatus and continued support...

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