Frederick-Firestone Stallion

Frederick-Firestone, Colorado


Type: Weis Fire Stallion 2000

Tank: 1800-gallon

Pump: Hale HP275-B35 X-Stream

Truck Body: 2020 INTERNATIONAL HV507 SFA

Additional Features

  • 24” front bumper extension 
  • 15,000# Heavy Duty winch shall be provided in the front bumper with 90’ of wire rope
  • Two front ground sweeps
  • Hannay SBEF-20-30-31-RT heavy duty polished aluminum electric rewind booster reel
  • One TFT Quadra Fog adjustable gallonage nozzle 
  • TFT Tornado with joystick control and electrically operated valve 
  • Trident 1.0 ATP foam system 
  • 120" deep x 30" wide x 5" high tool compartment at rear of the apparatus 
  • One Upper Body sweep out style storage compartment with four (4) lift up doors on the Driver’s side & Passenger Side
  • 36”W x 20”H x 24”D under body compartment shall be provided on each side between the front of the fire body and the rear tires
  • Zico 2100 gallon aluminum framed portable tank shall be mounted on the passenger side of the apparatus, stored inside a hydraulically controlled portable tank system
  • back up camera 
  • Newton 10” manually operated dump valve with a 180-degree swivel and extension chute
  • Whelen Liberty II NFPA compliant 54” red/blue LED light bar with Take Down and Alley Lights
  • custom aluminum console shall be provided to house the in-cab pump controls, pump controls, pressure gauge, tank level indicator, ground sweep switches, dual cup holder and the TFT Joystick. 
  • Four 20” Utility combination flood / scene lights