Gum Springs QA300RM

Gum Springs, Arkansas


Type: Quick Attack 300RM

Tank: 300 gallon

Pump: Hale HPX200-H20

Truck Body: 2019 Ford F-450

Chassis: Super Duty

Additional Features

  • Trident ‘Foamate’ Model #31.008.0 ATP-1.0 Class A around-the-pump foam system 
  • Hannay heavy duty electric rewind booster reel 
  • TFT 1.0” QuadraFog 5-10-24-40-60 GPM adjustable gallonage nozzle 
  • TFT Tornado with joystick control and electrically operated valve 
  • 20" walkway between the cab and the Weis Fire Attack fire fighting unit with swing in gates on each side
  • 108" deep x 30" wide x 5.5" high tool compartment at rear of the apparatus 
  • Two sweep-out style compartments with two lift up doors located on each side of the fire body
  • Ramsey QM-9000 quick mount winch
  • 24” Code 3 Utility combo light on the front bumper platform for use in nighttime operation
  • Code 3 2758NFPA 58” LED light bar 
  • Two Code 3 LED ARCH beacons at the rear of the apparatus 
  • Four LED underbody ground lights
  • Two ground sweep nozzles