Monte Rio 17-463

Monte Rio, California


Type: QA300RM

Truck Number: 17-463

Tank: 300 Rear Mount

Pump: HPX200-KB24

Truck Body: 2018 Ford F-550

Chassis: Super Duty

Additional Features

  • All plumbing shall be heavy duty welded stainless steel plumbing.  
  • A Hannay heavy duty electric rewind booster reel will be provided with 200' of 3/4" booster hose. 
  • A  TFT 1.0” QuadraFog   5-10-24-60 GPM adjustable gallonage nozzle with pistol grip. 
  • There shall be two (2) ground sweep nozzles provided on the apparatus, located one (1) on the driver front corner and one (1) on the passenger side front corner. 
  • A Trident 1.0 ATP foam system shall be provided and will be plumbed to the manifold to provide foam to all discharges.
  • There shall be two (2) underbody tool boxes located one (1) on the left and one (1) on the right side of the apparatus, 16"H x 20"D x 30"W with drop down doors and cable stops.  
  • There shall be two (2) SCBA bottle holders on the underside of the flatbed.