Summerville South Carolina


Type: QA300 RM

Truck Number: 16-429

Tank: 300 Gallon

Pump: Hale HPX200-B18

Truck Body: Extended Cab

Chassis: 2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty Chassis

Additional Features

  • A TFT Tornado with joystick control and electrically operated valve shall be located at the front of the apparatus with a 15-120 GPM adjustable gallonage nozzle.
  • One Hannay heavy duty electric rewind booster reel will be provided with 200' of 1.0" lightweight durable booster hose.  The booster reel is located on the passenger rear.  
  • There are two V-pattern ground sweep nozzles provided on the apparatus, located on the driver front corner and on the passenger side front corner. These nozzles will supply approximately 6-8 GPM at 100 PSI.
  • There is a Weis Fire custom front bumper replacement equipped with a Ramsey QM-9000 quick mount winch.