Tool Repair

We repair all firefighting appliances - from fire hose to rescue tools and everything inbetween. 

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Testing hand line fire nozzles
On Site Nozzle Testing

Test the GPM and PSI accuracy of your handline fire nozzles per NFPA 1962 to ensure correct functionality and flag nozzles needing repair or replacement.

Fire hose recoupling
Fire Hose Recoupling

Our facility can recouple 1”-3” single/double jacket hose, 1” booster hose, and 5”-6” single/double jacket large diameter hose per NFPA 1962. We also test the hose once it has been recoupled. 

Fire Ladder testing
On Site Ladder Testing

Provided in conjunction with an apparatus fire pump test. It includes a visual inspection, hardness test, and a horizontal bend test as per NFPA 1932.

rescue tool repair
On Site Rescue Tool Repair

On-site service that insures your equipment functions properly and repairing any broken parts per NFPA 1936.