Keenesburg, Colorado


Type: Weis Fire Stallion 1800

Truck Number: 18-470

Tank: 1800 Gallons

Pump: Hale HP275-B35 X-Stream

Additional Features

  • 24” front bumper extension 
  • All pump controls are in the walkway at the front of the apparatus.  The top mount control panel will have all pumping functions, including the primer. 
  • A Hannay SBEF  series heavy-duty electric rewind booster reel is hanging under the body.
  • Located at the front the bumper, one each side shall be two (2) electrically operated ground seep nozzles. 
  • A Ramsey 9,500 lb. winch at the front and rear receivers.
  •  A backup camera in the cab mounted on the dash.
  • Whelen  NFPA LED  light bar mounted on the headache rack located at the front of the fire body.  The top of the light bar is protected on the top side by aluminum reinforcement.