Stanley, North Dakota


Type: Stallion 1000RM

Tank: 1,000 Rear Mount

Pump: Darley model 2-1/2AGE-39K

Truck Body: Weis Fire Stallion 1000RM

Chassis: 2019 HV5077 International

Additional Features

  • 6-Man Crew Cab
  • Front bumper extended approximately 24” 
  • In-cab start / stop pump controls located on the custom console
  • Hannay EF-20-30-31-12 heavy duty electric rewind booster reel
  • Foam Pro 1601 Class A foam injection system 
  • Two ground sweep nozzles provided at the front of the apparatus
  • Two ground sweep nozzles provided at the mid body of the apparatus
  • One passenger side and driver side Compartment over the wheel on the flatbed approximately 30” tall x 24” deep
  • Two underbody compartments under the flat bed ahead of the rear wheels, one on the left and one on the right side of the apparatus
  • Center rear underbody compartment
  • Two pull out, drop down rear steps, one on each side of the rear bumper
  • Whelen JE2NFPA Justice Series Light Bar 56" light bar (red/blue) 
  • Two Code 3 360-degree ARCH (red/blue) LED 
  • Three Bostrom SCBA seats in the chassis cab equipped with remote release locking brackets
  • Four 1” Task Force Tips Model DS1040P – 10 and 40 GPM @ 100 PSI
  • Two 1.5” Task Force Tips Model FS2095P – 10 and 95 GPM @ 100 PSI