Williston, North Dakota


Type: QA300TM / QA400TM

Tank: 300 gallon / 400 gallon

Pump: Darley 2-1/2 AGE 23V

Truck Body: 2020 Ford F-550

Chassis: Super Duty

Additional Features


Truck #2024

  • 400-gallon tank
  • A removable rail ran from the back of the walkway to the booster reel, on each side of the fire body

Truck #2025

  • 300-gallon tank
  • Two upper body sweep-out style compartments with two lift-up doors on each side of the fire bed


  • 20" walkway between the cab and the Weis Fire Attack fire fighting unit
  • 120" deep x 30" wide x 5" high tool compartment at rear of the apparatus 
  • Two underbody tool boxes
  • Two pullout drop-down style steps provided at the rear 
  • bumper shall have an integral 2.0” receiver tube
  • Two FRC 12-volt 150-watt LED manually telescoping scene lights
  • Whelen Justice NFPA 56” LED light bar 
  • Two Whelen L31HRFN LED beacon lights 
  • Whelen TADF6 amber LED traffic advisor 
  • Custom aluminum console shall be provided to house the siren controls, in-cab pump controls and ground sweep switches
  • Two walkway lights
  • Fire Com 2-Person wireless apparatus intercom system 
  • Streamlight C4 Vulcan LED light boxes 
  • Two Hannay EF-24-30-31 heavy duty electric rewind booster reel will be provided with 150' of 1.0" lightweight booster hose for each reel
  • Full set of hydrant and spanner wrenches