Custom M900 Upfit

Custom M900 Upfit
Stock Unit

Specifications Type: 1250 Gallon Skid
Tank: NFPA compliant 1250 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
Pump: Hale HPX200-H20 with Honda gas engine
Truck Body/Chassis: M900 series chassis with 6×6-wheel drive

Additional Features
  • Chassis cab red exterior paint with gray exterior paint for roof
  • Weis Custom steel rails and hinged door
  • In-cab pump controls
  • Rear-mounted pump controls
  • 2.5” direct tank fill with check valve
  • Integral Liquid level sight gauge
  • Two (2) front-mounted electronically controlled ground sweep nozzles
  • Two yellow forestry hose whip lines equipped w/TFT QuadraFog pistol grip adjustable gallonage nozzles
  • TFT Tornado with joystick control
  • Rear-mounted Hannay EF-20-30-31 fire service rated heavy duty polished aluminum electric hose reel
  • TFT EF-1 Remote Control nozzle with in-cab Joystick
  • Newton 1010 Kwik-Dump valve
  • 31” Scene light bar
  • Eight (8) Federal MPSS62U lower warning lights
  • Two (2) Federal HL10 rear beacons
  • Two (2) Federal 21” Allegiant lightbars
  • Federal PF200 Siren with two (2) 100W speakers
  • Custom aluminum console housing warning lights, scene & work lights, siren, switch box, ground sweep switches, and in-cab pump controls

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