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…what we've also found is that sometimes what you think that you're pumping at the panel may not necessarily be what you're pumping at the end of that nozzle. The engineer setting up his truck, flowing all his lines, he's happy with what he's doing according to the pump panel. (now) Let's go, look at those gauges now on the nozzle side and see if you're actually pumping what you think you're pumping. That's been an eye opener to many. Especially when you start getting into high-flow, low-friction hose, sometimes our pump charts aren't as accurate as they may have been a few years ago.

We have anywhere from elevations of nine thousand feet down to about four thousand feet and just that elevation difference is huge, over five thousand feet. So being able to test at your station, you can see how it's actually performing. Is it drafting to its fullest potential at altitude or do we have a problem and we've been able to identify some of those problems that way.      

The thing that the Draft Commander allows us to do is grow our business, it really helped our productivity. It’s tripled our business since we purchased it. The Draft Commander makes the job easier.  But you still have to have hard work ethic and good people skills. Building good relationships, hard work ethic and the Draft Commander definitely took our business to the next level. Last year, we pump tested 124 trucks.  That was with 24 fire departments.  This year we are scheduled for 30 departments with no advertising. We don’t advertise.  I betcha 95% of our business has been gained by word-of-mouth.      

"We bought the Draft Commander to help us with our [training] classes, to be mobile, and to recycle water. With the Draft Commander we’ve eliminated the tenders, and we’ve eliminated the portable water tanks [when training]. By being able to recycle that water over and over again throughout the day, we are not drawing in fresh resources of water. We’ll pump anywhere from 300 to 800 gallons per minute typically for our training evolutions. Then we’ll throw in large master stream devices as far as pumping those are concerned – we’re pumping up to 1250 gallons per minute."

"Having our apparatus pump tested annually on-site with the Draft Commander saves us time, money, and is convenient because the trucks never have to leave the fire district."

"The Weis Draft Commander 3000 A/T is the only brand that meets the specifications required by the Andrews AFB FES. Extensive market research has proven that this is the only brand that will allow us to conduct all the pump tests and training needed for NFPA compliance and certification."

"I was getting tired of dragging all the loose equipment around trying to find a place that I could get access to water, and then find a place on that water that was suitable to be able to get a truck close enough to actually do the test. The Draft Commander has solved all my problems because I can actually set up in the back parking lot of a fire station and go to work. This is the easiest, most painless pump testing I have ever done! Normally it takes a lot of overtime with the firemen, and it would string out over two to three months before they'd get all their trucks done."

"I must say, your product, documentation, and delivery are a reflection of the care you take and the pride that goes into the equipment.   I have received a lot of new equipment in the last year from several other companies, and none of them have provided the level of documentation and set up as you have provided. Well done indeed. Thanks again."