Weis Quick Attack (Delta VFD)
Weis Quick Attack (Delta VFD)

We arrived back at Delta with the NEW BRUSH TRUCK around 3:45 AM Tuesday night.  We had a fire meeting Tuesday evening.  Alan Smith, Chief and several volunteer members present. ALL are VERY Impressed with the Truck. I trained for about 2 1/2 hours with all present on operation and features of the Vehicle. Everything worked exceptionally.

The only thing we did not was the handle that was furnished for the hose reel did not have the wood handle on it. it was the end that attached to the hose reel and a flat metal offset but not hand hold the crank with. This can be made and put on here so no major issue.

Hank and I , both , thought the Vehicle Drove Wonderful. We drove 3.5-5.0 hours at a time, each, and didn’t  have any issues. (1050 miles only stopping for fuel and eat). The Nice Leather Seating is comfortable, the ride was much more that expected with the Large Tires and suspension. You could not tell we were hauling almost 400 gallon of water.

About 45-50 miles north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, cruise on about 70 mph,  a “Storm Track 9 News Truck passed us.

Hank was dozing in the passenger seat and I was driving. The vehicle passing went past I noticed the decals on the vehicle. He hit the brakes and dropped back behind our truck. Looked over the Brush Truck intensely, slowly moving back up beside us. As he came up beside the cab I notice the Camera on top of the ‘storm tracker’ rotate toward me. I smiled and waved at him. Both the driver and passenger of the new truck gave a Big Thumbs Up and then continued on their way.

Everywhere We Stopped, Someone would look over the Brush Truck.

Again, “NICE VEHICLE”, Glad we purchased it.

Thank You and Your crew for such a Nice Addition to our Firehouse.

The guys and Candace all were totally awesome.

David Smith 
Delta Volunteer Fire Department
Delta, Alabama

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