Pump Test 6K Gallons!

Pump Test 6K Gallons!

Draft Commander 3000®

Making Test Pits Obsolete

The Draft Commander 3000® is a mobile pump testing unit that helps fire departments comply with NFPA Standards. Make test pits obsolete by using clean, clear water that is recycled during pump testing, instead of dirty water from an open water source that could harm the apparatus pump. Pump test apparatus up to 4500 GPM or pump test two trucks simultaneously. 

Prepare – Allows departments to conduct pump tests per NFPA Standards keeping trucks in service; no need for driver overtime or pulling trucks from reserve

Prevent – Pump damage from open water sources that have contaminates in the supply (sand, rock, trash)

Recycle – Water used during testing

Draft Commander 3000® Trainer

Draft Commander 3000® Trainer

Pump Test. Train. Repeat.

With the Draft Commander 3000© Trainer, you can conduct hands-on training and create endless pump scenarios while recycling 97% of the water. Fleet Maintenance can pump test apparatus up to *4500 GPM and should an emergency call come in, the Draft Commander Trainer can be disconnected in about :90 seconds.

* with optional equipment

U.S. Patent No. 10,434,346