Handline Nozzle Tester

DC Handline Nozzle Tester

Test handline fire nozzles while recycling water.

[per NFPA 1962 (2018 Standards) Chapter 5: Service Testing & Replacement of Fire Nozzles]
The Draft Commander 3000® Nozzle Testing Appliance is the most accurate way of testing the flow and pressure of a handline fire nozzle, ranges 30-300 GPM, while recycling water.  The Draft Commander 3000® Nozzle Testing Appliance is designed to test different manufacturer’s handline nozzles in 1”, 1½” and 2½” sizes with ranges of 30-300 GPM. Regular testing of nozzles with the appliance in cohesion with the Draft Commander 3000® will recycle MILLIONS of gallons of water. Obsolete methods of testing fire nozzles require wasting thousands of gallons of water into the atmosphere. Pumping from a source of water such as a fire hydrant consumes a large amount of water treatment resources, and other sources such as lakes, ponds, and testing pits result in dirty water circulating through the fire apparatus pump, causing corrosion and damage to both the pump and fire nozzles. With the Draft Commander 3000® Nozzle Testing Appliance, you only pump with clean, clear water that can be reused over and over again; whether it’s for pump testing fire apparatus, training your firefighters and fire pump engineers, or by utilizing all of the various functions the Draft Commander 3000® has to offer.
The Draft Commander 3000® Nozzle Testing Appliance is also available as a standalone unit with a custom receiver mount for other applications.