Let us give you a quote on retrofitting your existing Draft Commander with:
(1) The Fire Hydrant Pump, or (2) The Trainer/Receiver
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Retrofitting for the Fire Hydrant Pump

In the front of the Draft Commander 3000® Trainer (which normally has a storage cabinet), we can retrofit that area to have a Fire Hydrant Pump. This effective tool is perfect for training fire pump engineers & firefighters with hydrant residual pressure, drafting, or relay fire pump training. This meets all requirements for testing your fire apparatus, as per NFPA 1911 (2017 standards from draft).

Retrofitting for the Trainer/Receiver

With a few modifications, we can take a standard Draft Commander 3000® and add the Trainer/Receiver. This useful addition allows firefighters to train by discharging water from a firehose into a target (The Trainer/Receiver) which recycles the water. This saves millions of gallons of water in the process.

retrofitting the Receiver onto a Draft Commander
Two optional retrofits