Draft Commander University

Draft Commander University

Training for emergencies that are unknown.

Get Real Hands-On Training!

Training the next generation of firefighters and fire pump engineers

At Draft Commander University, you will learn: 

  • Fire Truck Preventive Maintenance per NFPA 1911 (2017 standards) 
  • Fire Pump Testing per NFPA 1911 (2017 standards, Chapter 21 section 21.7.7)
  • Draft Commander Operations (in/out service) 
  • Draft Commander Preventive Maintenance
  • Fire Hose Testing per NFPA 1962 (2018 standards, Chapter 4)
  • Handline Fire Nozzle Testing per NFPA 1962 (2018 standards, Chapter 5)
  • Training fire pump engineers & firefighters 
       to fight fires, drafting from a water source
  • Training fire pump engineers & firefighters to fight fires, from a fire hydrant with residual pressure
  • Evaluating a 64-point checklist for a fire-pumping system to ensure it’s ready to protect lives and property 

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