Foam Commander – A Fire Fighting Foam Trailer

Foam Commander is the newest tool from Weis Fire & Safety for extinguishing lithium-ion and hazardous material fires.  The trailer deploys using any vehicle with a hitch, which can mean quicker response times for departments and corporations with limited manpower.  Its small footprint is ideal for staging on-site, where fires are likely to occur.  Built to the same craftsmanship standards as Weis Fire & Safety brush trucks, the Foam Commander provides many of the same benefits at a smaller price point.  Call on the Foam Commander to help you serve and protect your community. 

Formerly known as the UPF Protector foam trailer, the Weis Fire Foam Commander features the UPF POLY-TANK® and ranges in size from 250 to 3,000 gallons and is used by military and civilian airports, as well at numerous industrial and municipal locations.


Take a tour of the Foam Commander with Dan Atkeson, Loss Prevention Specialist at Evergy. This is Evergy’s fourth Foam Commander they have added to their fleet.

This testimonial, featuring Dan Atkeson of Evergy, walks us through the needs of his company and how the Foam Commander was the perfect fit for their industry.


FT-Type trailers are for concentrate re-supply. The FT-Type has proven most popular in situations where rapid re-supply of fixed or mobile foam proportioning is necessary. This generally includes ARFF incidents and large facility fires or mutual aid commitments where foam proportioning equipment is already on scene.

The FT designation is followed by the number of total gallons of concentrate carried. (i.e.: FT-1000 is 1,000 gallons). If more than one type of concentrate is carried, this sum of the total gallons will increase this number. Transfer pumps designed for the specific type of concentrate are mounted on all trailers in capacities ranging from 35 to 250 GPM.

In addition, most foam trailers with re-supply capability have some pre-connect transfer lines. The standard bed size can contain 200 feet of 1-¾ inch hose in a cross lay configuration. Usually, two transfer beds are specified, and at times 1-½ inch booster reels are used.

FT Type Foam Commander Trailer


AFT Type Foam Commander Trailer

AFT-Type is the most versatile of fire fighting foam trailers for sale. When supplied with sufficient GPM and pressure (approximately 100 to 175 PSI), the unit can act as an independent fire attack unit. Many trailers are also designed to function as concentrated resupply trailers. Fire Fighters can use this trailer in any situation with a water supply, such as a pumper or pressurized hydrant system.

The AFT-Type has been used with great success to provide areas lacking cost-effective large volume flammable liquid fire attack capability. These applications have included industrial facilities, mutual aid groups, and municipal fire departments. As with all foam trailers, the AFT-Type can both load and offload the foam concentrate.


Most trailers with the capability for immediate fire attack use a combination of preconnected eductors, handlines, and self-educting master stream nozzles. The handlines are offered in 95, 120, and 250 GPM capacities, preconnected to a 200+ foot capacity hose bed for a 1 ¾ inch hose. The eductors most commonly used are the 120 or 250 GPM balance/pressure eductor. These eductors require only a 60 to 150 PSI inlet pressure instead of the standard 95 to 250 GPM eductors, which require a 200-PSI inlet pressure. In addition, two 250 GPM pre-connect lines are often used for system supply, joining into master streams, or other vehicle supplies.

The self-educting master stream nozzles are usually used in conjunction with an AFFF or AR-AFFF type concentrate. These master streams are usually pre-piped, and many are removable. This allows the user to be up to 1,000 feet away from the trailer. Capacity of the monitor(s) can range from 150 to 4,000 GPM and can be adjustable to proportion from 0.5%, 1%, 3%, or 6%. When used remotely from the trailer, a jet-ratio controller is pre-plumbed onto the trailer. This device is essentially a large capacity eductor. When supplied with a small amount of water (less than 2% of total flow) at the same pressure as the monitor, it will educt and carry to the nozzle the correct amount of concentrate.

Many trailers are designed with special features to making them a more useful emergency asset. These features have included:


In addition to its foam concentrate handling capabilities, the design of this type of fire fighting foam trailer establishes or augments a high-volume water supply using the large diameter hose it carries. As a result, the FT/LDH-Type is used successfully to provide foam and water resupply at an airport and industrial incidents. In addition, with its substantial hose volume, operators can use the LDH-Type trailer to support long-distance water relay operations.

FT-AFT-LDH-Type-Foam Commander Trailer