(March 31, 2023) – Weis Fire & Safety Equipment is proud to announce the acquisition of United Plastic Fabricating, Inc.’s (UPF) Protector Foam Trailer products.  This acquisition allows Weis Fire & Safety Equipment to further expand their portfolio of water moving solutions to fire departments worldwide.

Since 1989, UPF has offered foam trailers as an attractive way of storing and delivering foam.  Fire departments across the globe, from military to municipal, have deployed UPF Protector Foam Trailers.  These trailers range in sizes from 250 to 3,000-gallon and offer handlines, monitors, and proportioning systems capable of flowing foam from 100 to 2,000 GPM.


Foam Commander Trailer

“This acquisition makes sense because we’re buying a product line with the same stringent quality standards that are built into our Weis fire trucks and Draft Commanders,” said Mike Weis, President of Weis Fire & Safety Equipment.  “It also gives our customers greater flexibility to store and deploy foam.  And of course, the acquisition comes on the heels of us being a 20-year UPF customer.”

“We plan to continue building foam trailers with the same attention to quality as UPF.  The only planned change is the product name.  Instead of UPF Protector Foam Trailer, the new name will be Weis Foam Commander,” said Weis.  

Weis Fire & Safety Equipment assists first responders by providing a portfolio of water moving solutions which include Type 6 wildland, brush and quick attack fire trucks.  Weis also manufactures the Draft Commander 3000® which helps emergency vehicle technicians (EVTs) perform NFPA recommended pump tests.  The Draft Commander also helps pump engineers conduct training evolutions while recycling 97% of water.  Weis Fire & Safety Equipment is part of the Watershield Industries family of brands.  To learn more about Weis, visit www.weisfiresafety.com.  To learn more about Watershield Industries, visit www.watershieldindustries.com.

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