NFPA Proposed Pump and Roll Firefighting Riding Position

Mike Weis, President & General Manager, Weis Fire & Safety

Effective January 1, 2016, the Standard for Wildland Fire Apparatus is going to make a dramatic change under NFPA 1906.  It will state that if you are riding externally on a vehicle, you must be seated in a position behind the cab, belted, and within the confines of a rollover protection system. The law, without a doubt, will be going into enforcement. In response to this, we are currently designing a new and revolutionary roll-over protection system that we will provide on our Quick Attacks equipped with a walkway behind the cab.  This will not affect units that have no walkway.  We believe the cost of providing this roll-over system will be a significant increase from the current price of a walkway fire body. We will continue to provide our high quality, rugged and dependable Quick Attacks without the rollover protection up to December 31.  To save a lot of money on a fire apparatus, we highly recommend getting your orders in before the end of the year.

In the forthcoming blogs I will be sharing information about why this change is coming and how we feel about it. Your feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned…

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