Draft Commander Testimonials

See what others are saying about the Draft Commander.

We have been training our entire department on the use and set up of the Draft Commander for the last 3 days. We have been putting both the draft component as well as the hydrant feature through the paces with great success. All of the crews that have come through the training have had nothing but great things to say about it. All feel this will greatly improve the skill level of our Driver Operators as a whole. Kudos to you and your design team for developing a simple to use but extremely effective training apparatus. By the end of the week we will have ran approximately 150 of our folks through training exercises on the use & possibilities of the Draft Commander.

Captain Brian Raisley - Poudre Fire Authority

"Good morning, I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience. Truly professional and a joy to work with you all.  Thank you again for all of your help and we wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thank you."  

Salde M. McLendon, Vice President, Sunbelt Fire

"I just wanted to send you a brief email saying that the training Steve Robertson provided to our staff was exceptional. Steve is very knowledgeable in the operation of the Draft Commander and our staff are now prepared to use it for training and pump testing. The Draft Commander will ensure that our pumps are tested when required and will enhance our pump operations training. Thank you for the great product, the excellent training, the assistance throughout the process, and the commitment to customer satisfaction. Our Fleet department used the Draft Commander to pump test all of our apparatus this summer and it went well. We have started to use it for pump training with one group using it yesterday. It went well and provided our pump operators with some great training. I can see it benefiting our pump operators."

Garnet Decker, Chief Training Officer, City of Medicine Hat

"Everything at Draft Comander University is set up perfect to me. The instructor explained all perfect in  clear mode. Thank you very much - best training I ever had!"

Luca Nicoletti (405th AFSB)

"The training at Draft Commander University was perfect! The instructor was knowledgeable and well prepared." 

Allesandro Marolla,405th AFSB (Auto Mechanic)

"Everything at Draft Commander University was explained in detail to ensure mission success for our Fire Department's equipment." 

Patrick T. Brown, 405th AFSB (IMMO Manager)
Draft Commander - Otero County, New Mexico

"This was the first unit in the state and is the greatest thing we could have purchased. One big benefit of the Draft Commander is that, instead of taking pumpers to a central location where they’re out of service, we take the tester to the department."

John Badger, Otero County, Alomogordo, New Mexico

"The fact that the unit is portable is the ticket because it is self- contained, has no gimmicks and is a professional, top-notch unit. The best thing about it is how simple it is to set up and use, and the truck doesn’t have to be out of service because we bring the pump tester to the department. It’s been a massive success for us."

James McNeill, Fire Truck Certification, Hayfork, California

"Having our apparatus pump tested annually on-site with the Draft Commander saves us time, money, and is convenient because the trucks never have to leave the fire district."

Chief Tom Garcia, Shawnee Heights Fire District, Tecumseh, Kansas

"The Weis Draft Commander 3000 A/T is the only brand that meets the specifications required by the Andrews AFB FES. Extensive market research has proven that this is the only brand that will allow us to conduct all the pump tests and training needed for NFPA compliance and certification."

Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland

"I was getting tired of dragging all the loose equipment around trying to find a place that I could get access to water, and then find a place on that water that was suitable to be able to get a truck close enough to actually do the test. The Draft Commander has solved all my problems because I can actually set up in the back parking lot of a fire station and go to work. This is the easiest, most painless pump testing I have ever done! Normally it takes a lot of overtime with the firemen, and it would string out over two to three months before they'd get all their trucks done."

Gary Morrison, Apparatus Services LLC, Texas

"I must say, your product, documentation, and delivery are a reflection of the care you take and the pride that goes into the equipment.   I have received a lot of new equipment in the last year from several other companies, and none of them have provided the level of documentation and set up as you have provided. Well done indeed. Thanks again."

John Huber, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant