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Weis Fire Apparatus & Draft Commander

August 7, 2019

Mike Weis Announces Recapitalization of Weis Fire & Safety and Draft Commander

(Salina, KS) – Mike Weis is proud to announce the recapitalization of Weis Fire & Safety and Draft Commander led by B12 Capital Partners. 

Mike Weis, along with his father Gary, and Gary’s wife Char, have devoted themselves to providing quality products and services to fire departments across the nation. Recapitalizing the business allows Gary and Char to start the next chapter of their life–retirement. 

With the recapitalization, Mike remains in the ownership group and continues as President of the new Weis Fire and Safety Equipment, LLC.  He will be joined by David Hansen, the new CEO, who brings over 35 years of manufacturing leadership experience. 

“It’s business as usual for us. We have Mike Weis continuing as President. All employees are being retained and operations will continue right here in Salina.” – David Hansen, new CEO of Weis Fire & Safety Equipment, LLC 

“Our goal with this partnership is to provide a stronger sales and marketing presence for Weis Fire and Draft Commander. Our existing customers can rest assured that our quality, customer service and business philosophy are not changing. We strive for no disruptions to operations during the transition,” said Mike Weis, President. 

Michael Wedel of B12 Capital Partners notes, “We are very excited to be partnering with Mike and thank Gary and Char for all they have done for the fire industry. We are committed to working with Mike and the rest of the Weis team to deliver the quality products and superior customer service the market has come to expect.”   

New CEO David Hansen notes, “It’s business as usual for Weis Fire. We have Mike Weis continuing as President. All employees are being retained and operations will continue right here in Salina.  Mike and Gary have done a remarkable job growing this business and it’s an honor to carry on their legacy.” 


About B12 Capital Partners

B12 Capital Partners and its team members have a rich history of assisting family-owned brands. They look to partner with established, profitable companies that have a proven business model, sustainable competitive position and identifiable growth prospects. 

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