Roll Over Protection for Weis Fire

In my last blog, I shared with you some of the reactions we received from our customers visiting our booth at FDIC 2015 regarding the new NFPA 1906 standard.  Most didn’t really like the idea…so we suggest that if you want to save some money, and still get a high quality, and very safe wildland fire apparatus, we will be taking orders all the way up to the deadline I actually had a great opportunity to speak to two of the NFPA 1906 committee members.  One voted for the change and one voted against.  It was two very interesting and informative conversations to say the least.  Liability of the Manufacturer and Safety of the Fire Personnel was paramount in both discussions.  Well now that the new standard is on the way… will be pleased to know that we will be producing our NFPA 1906 compliant ROPS system in 2016.  We will not just be introducing a different version of something that is already in the marketplace….and then calling it “revolutionary” or some other glorifying adjective, as it is all too common in this industry,. AT WEIS FIRE, WE WILL SET THE STANDARD, FOR YEARS TO COME, for firefighter safety, and superb functionality.  Stay tuned…

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